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About Me (Tammy Kauffman)- I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught preschool and Kindergarten for 15 years. Teaching science and art is the coolest job ever! I was born and raised here in Virginia Beach and grew up playing and exploring in the Pungo area! I believe learning should be fun and I strive to achieve a fun hands on learning environment in all my enrichment programs! 

Weekly After School Programs: 

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Rock-It Science Camps

Dynamite Dinosaurs

Everyone’s favorite extinct species! This year we will mold and create dinosaur eggs, and go on a one of a kind dinosaur ice excavation We will work on creating a mini prehistoric model with new miniatures to choose from and learn fun facts about these fascinating creatures.

Backyard Summer Camp 

Okay, so we won’t be in your backyard, but this camp will be full of good old-fashioned backyard fun! This year’s new labs will include making bug catchers, mixing up a batch of mud slime, and designing rain gages! We will finish up the week with a fun indoor obstacle course full of treasures! This will be a week of science, games, and art that you won’t want to miss!

The Great Volcano Experiment

The classic volcano experiment has always been a favorite! Children love to explode things and see them erupt, and we will put this classic experiment to the test. This year each camper will build an individual volcano that they will be able to erupt over and over again! We will build a large group volcano that we will erupt twice this year using a heated reaction and the classic Mento/Coke reaction! Along with testing out various reactions on our volcanos, we will play games, create art, and learn about some real active volcanoes! Sign up today for an explosively good time!

The Art of Cooking 

Cooking is truly an art form! We will explore not only the science of cooking but make beautiful creations that may be almost too pretty to eat! Galaxy cookies , dinosaur waffles, and veggie animals just to name a few. No need to bring a snack for this camp, we will do plenty of taste testing and decorate containers to take some home too! * ingredients may include milk, eggs, and glutens

Outer Space 

What’s more fascinating than the great beyond? We will explore the solar system as we conduct science and art labs inspired by outer space. We will stargaze, go on moonwalks, and launch rocket ships! Keep an eye out for any asteroids soaring through space and get ready for a fun, out-of-this-world week! With so much to explore, there are endless things to learn. If you explored with us last year, join us again for all new art and science labs including new additions to our space room!

Treasure Hunters 

Get ready to perform tasks that will lead to daily treasures! New and classic daily themes including super heroes & Pokemon will keep us busy solving puzzles, experimenting, and collecting treasures. We will discover treasures all week and campers will design their own treasure chest to keep their treasures safe. Let’s get exploring!

Super Secret Spy Training Camp 

If you missed out last year on this fun adventurous camp, it’s not too late to get the training you need to earn your Super Spy Status! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to explore glow-in-the-dark science, go on scavenger hunts, and decode clues that lead to top secret messages! Get those spy decoding notebooks out and be ready for some secret agent spy training as we sneak through obstacle courses and use our observation skills to figure out clues to a top secret mystery! Sorry, we can only reveal this all-new mystery to campers with their special agent IDs.

Super Slime Camp

Let there be slime! By far, slime is the most requested science experiment! What’s not fun about slime? It’s slimy, stretching, sometimes bouncy, and the coolest polymer around! Each day we will explore a different type based on all new fun themes. We will do some cool art labs inspired by the day’s theme, too! So no need to ask if we are going to do slime today because we definitely will!

Art Lab!

This year I am excited to introduce the sibling to Rock-It Science, ART LAB! Science is a highly concrete subject in which students rarely have the opportunity to be creative. By integrating art projects into your science lessons, you can create super cool art work and learn some super cool science too! Join us as we create beautiful art inspired by volcanoes, insects, dinosaurs , and more!

Space Camp

If you can’t get enough space or missed the first outer space camp this is the camp for you! This time around we will explore Saturn’s rings, make edible rocket ships, and experiment with galaxy eruptions. We will add a few new surprises to our space room too!

Beach Week Camp

Put on your shades and get ready for some seaside fun. We will explore soapy sea foam, go on a seashell hunt, and make our very own underwater bottle scene. Join us as we celebrate beach life!

Shark Week 

Today there are more than 465 known species of sharks living in our oceans. We will sink our teeth into interesting facts about sharks and create shark habitat bottles. Join us as we maneuver through a seaweed course, create shark art, and conduct experiments that will teach us about these beautiful ocean creatures.

Blast Off Camp 

Whether it’s blasting objects through the air or exploring the cosmos, all kids love to see and send things flying! Air rockets, Mento eruptions, baking soda explosions, are just a few ways we will get things soaring. We may even sneak a little engineering lesson in but our campers may not notice because they will be too busy hurling plastic bottles, planes, rockets,and more through the air.

Animal Planet 

Who doesn’t love our big beautiful world of animals. We will go on a wild animal adventure and explore some domestic animals too. Get ready to collect animal badges as we search and learn fun facts about Giraffes, zebras, and many other creatures.

Under the Stars 

There’s so much to discover under the stars! Glow in the dark planets, campfire activities, and stardust slime will be just a few fun labs we will explore. Join us for a week under the stars! 

Rock-it Science After Camp ( Each Week from 12:30-3:30)

Campers will have the opportunity to experience what summer is all about — spending time doing loads of fun and unique activities with friends! Campers will enjoy playing games with friends, making arts and crafts, conducting science labs, and more! You never know what will be in Miss Tammy’s big bag of tricks! We will even take suggestions from our expert fun makers, the campers themselves. Do all the fun or just pick a few, but come ready to have a chill afternoon! 

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